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TS808 en TS9 in 1 pedaal

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This baby has the 4558d JRC on board!

Whether you are a seasoned guitarist or a newbie looking to get started on using pedals to spice up your playing, there is no way you can’t fall in love with this effects pedal.

This is the ultimate proof to the credence that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Although it looks plain and bland from the outside, this pedal’s sonic capabilities are on an unmatched level.

The TS808 is a reincarnation of the famed tube screamer which debuted back in the 70’s and was elevated to legendary status by the late mercurial Steve Ray Vaughan. A lot of the love the pedal receives today is greatly attributed to its ability to seamlessly interact with an already overdriven amplifier- an aspect missing in majority of the earlier versions of stomp boxes manufactured.
The Vintage Demon TS808 offers a huge spectrum of tones and each carries a certain distinctness which is satiating to the discerning musical ear.
Staat: Nieuw
Merk: Mosky
Model: Demon Tube Screamer
Afwerking: Groen
Jaar: 2017
Gemaakt in: China
Mosky Demon Tube Screamer

TS808 en TS9 in 1 pedaal

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